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Nairobi Flight Training

Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL)


Licence privileges

The Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) qualifies you to fly single engine aircraft, with or without passengers, to destinations all over and, in good (“visual”) weather conditions. However, you can add more ratings allowing you to fly different types and more complex aircraft.

Once you have gained your licence, our aircraft are available for you to rent for private flights or for your hour building in preparation for more advanced licences.

Pre-entry requirements

  • Minimum 17 years of age.
  • Valid Student Pilots Licence (SPL).

PPL Theory Curriculum (Ground School)

  • Ground School is learning and understanding 7 subjects namely:Air Law, Aircraft General, Navigation, Radio telephony, Meteorology, Human Factors and Flight Performance and Planning.
  • NFT conducts multiple-choice examinations in our school during the appropriate stage of training.
  • Our instructors are also available to help you in your studies if necessary.
  • You will then sit for the PPL Ground Exams at KCAA.

Flight Training Curriculum (40 hours minimum)

  • Initial Training: You will learn how to prepare the aircraft for flight, manoeuvre it on the ground and in the air, and how to take off and land.
  • First Solo: Typically, less than 15 hours, you may be eligible to fly your first solo takeoff and landing, with the instructor observing you from the ground.
  • Navigation: You will move on to cross-country flying, landing away at airfields where you can experience short and grass field airstrips.
  • Qualifying Solo Cross County: You will fly to two other airfields, covering a distance of at least 150 Nautical Miles.
  • The course finishes with consolidation and a General Flight Test (GFT) conducted by a Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) Approved Examiner.
  • The PPL will thereafter be issued by KCAA.

Course Duration and Cost

  • Theory Ground School – 6 weeks full time
  • Flying 40hours, at least 10 of which solo plus flight test takes approximately 2 months depending on individual aptitude and weather.
  • For costs email us for our current pricing sheet


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