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Nairobi Flight Training

Single Engine Instrument Rating

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Single Engine Instrument Rating

The Single Engine Instrument Rating provides the training required for a candidate to obtain the Instrument Rating in a single engine Aircraft. The qualified pilot may fly an aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in controlled airspace.

Flight Training Syllabus (40 Hours)

The complete Single Engine Instrument Rating comprises 40 Hours instructional flight time by sole reference to instruments of which up to 40 hours may be in a single engine piston under Kenya Civil Aviation Regulations (KCARs)

NFT Modular Single Engine Rating Course

Phase 1 – 20hrs intermediate instrument instruction in an approved Flight Simulator

Phase 2 – 20hrs advanced instrument instruction in an approved SE aircraft (C172)


  1. Valid CPL
  2. Hold or have completed training for the appropriate SE class rating appropriate to the training to be carried out.



-Approx 3 weeks (depending on weather)

-40 hours plus flight test

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