About Nairobi Flight Training

Nairobi Flight Training ltd. is a private institution that was established in 2007 to offer specialized training for students wishing to take up careers in flying aeroplanes.

The institution's main objective is to train prospective pilots and equip them with the right professional skills to enable them become competent and responsible pilots.

The institution, whose hallmark is success is managed and run by highly qualified professionals in the field and competent instructors - with adequate facilities to boot - thus availing a recipe for true success.

Long Story

That the aviation industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive field across the professional board is a fact not in doubt. Thus, the need to learn and keep in tandem with the trends, changes and technological advancements in the industry has become more compelling than ever before.

The field requires up-to-date personnel with hands-on knowledge and expertise to navigate aircraft at all times within the provided standards irrespective of the prevailing conditions.

However, this can only be achieved by provision of relevant and quality training through an institution backed by integrity, solid reputation and professionalism in order to impart the necessary skills on students wishing to pursue careers in piloting and to mould them into competent and responsible professionals.

Nairobi Flight Training is an institution whose establishment was inspired by this reality and the drive to bear professional pilots who are equipped with apt knowledge, know-how and skills to meet the requirements of the industry.

The growing demand for such expertise both locally and internationally due to tremendous expansion of the industry also informed the setting up of Nairobi Flight Training in order to satisfy the market need.

Owing to our scope of training the institution is open to both local and foreign students keen on pursing a career in piloting

Since its inception in the year 2007, NFT has strived to impart knowledge and skills to learners using the best available methods both practically and theoretically in line with its motto of providing world class training.

We have also lived to this billing by ensuring that we churn out only the best qualified pilots who have what it requires for venturing into the skies.

And to show our commitment towards this end, the quality of your training and safety is our highest priority. At Nairobi Flight Training we strive for excellence in all aspects of our flight training.


Our instructor's are highly trained with many years experience and our fleets of Cessna 172 aircraft are maintained to a high standard.


Our association and recognition through licensing by the highly acclaimed "OXFORD AVIATION TRAINING" from where we borrow a lot can only attest to the level of quality training we provide.

We are fully complaint with the defined requirements as stipulated by the aviation industry regulator, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. (KCAA)

Our Vision,

To become the best flight training Institution in Africa.

Our Mission,

To train and nurture pilots in achieving their personal goals and to be in command of their flying life and career in a safe, responsible and considerate manner.

Our Operating Concept,

Our concept is to operate a 'World Class' Flight Training Institution that offers computer based training and manual training for ground subjects and professional instruction in the air.

We offer training for Private Pilot's License (PPL), Commercial Pilot' Licence (CPL) and Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) ground course based on the European 'Joint Aviation Authorities' (JAA) and the 'Kenya Civil Aviation Authorities' (KCAA) Curriculums.

Our training facilities, office administration and accounting systems are fully automated to reflect a modern high-end training institution.

Nairobi Flight Training